some vocalColoratura soprano: A female voice that easily handles rapid, high notes. The singer often plays a lively and witty character.

Lyric soprano: A richer female voice. The singer plays the role of a sentimental or a romantic character.

Dramatic soprano: An even deeper female voice. The singer is generally assigned the role of a dramatic character.

Mezzo-soprano: A female voice richer and deeper than the dramatic soprano. The singer often plays an elderly woman or the soprano’s antagonist.

Contralto: A rare female voice. The singer plays the same character roles as the mezzo-soprano.

Tenor: A male voice with characteristics similar to the soprano—light, lyrical, dramatic. The singer often plays a lover or a hero.

Baritone: This voice falls between the tenor and the basso. The singer plays the role of a brother, a father, or a rival.

Basso: This deepest of male voices is divided into three categories: brilliant, cantante,and profundo. The first is suitable for lively, witty characters; the second for sentimental roles; and the third for characters expressing intense feeling.